IU Sports New Electric Guitar in Selca

On September 10, IU posted a picture on her twitter and commented, “Last minute practice session for the upcoming concert~ The guitars are practically the same but the electric guitar’s so much harder to play…but still having fun!!!”

The revealed photo shows IU holding an electric guitar. Since IU’s only performed with acoustic guitars, this change in instrument is attracting much attention. Also shown in the picture is IU’s sense of fall fashion. She is wearing a somewhat wide-rimmed black fedora matched with green military style jacket and mustard-colored long skirt, looking feminine and appropriate for the upcoming season.

IU’s new guitar itself also garnered much attention. The guitar IU’s holding on her lap is from a premium custom shop brand named James Tyler in the United States. The exact model IU is holding in the picture costs approximately 5 million Korean won (about 4500 USD). James Tyler guitars are known as one of the most preferable band of guitars among famous sessions. Previously, IU used medium-priced, made-in-Korea Crafter acoustic guitar for all of her concerts and other events. This big jump in her choice of instrument signifies a change in her status as an artist as well.