Singer Tei Joins the Army

Singer Tei joined the army on September 11. Tei took his younger brother’s car to the enlistment event and avoided any contact with the popular media altogether. A source from Tei’s agency says, “Tei did not want any attention. I guess he felt a little shy about going to the army at his age, which is considered old. So we decided to respect him. He just said he’ll stay healthy and come back healthy. His fellow band members from Handsome People saw him off.” 

Previously on September 10, Tei wrote on twitter, “I’ll be back soon. I am so thankful to have all of you who care about me going to the army at this age. Thank you, I really appreciate it. I’ve heard that a lot of people want to come see me off tomorrow, but fans, friends, and colleagues, please don’t come. I’m leaving without saying goodbye.” He added a picture himself getting a haircut in preparation for his enlistment to this long goodbye message.

Tei made his debut as a ballad singer in 2004 with “Love Leaves Its Scent,” and became popular with songs like “Love is…One,” “Shout Out Longing,” “Same Pillow,” and “A Miracle Like Story.” He also started his career as an actor by appearing in some TV dramas. In 2011, he appeared on tvN “Opera Star 2011” and won the competition. Since 2011, Tei formed a band named Handsome People and focused solely on the promotion of his band until his enlistment.