[Ceci] Hairstyle Tips by Occasion Part 1: For that Nerve-Wracking Job Interview...

It’s highly improper, not to mention boring, to cling to one hairstyle for different affairs – be it a job interview, a date, a party, and more. Here are some hair styling tips for whatever hairstyle you may have by occasion! The gallery starts with tips for short hair and gradually goes to longer hair styles, so be sure to scroll through the entire list by clicking on the page numbers at the bottom!

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Goo Hye Sun

With short cuts like these, you might leave an unwanted strong impression. Add some volume to your hair to soften your image. Tuck your hair behind your ear to appear more neat and clean-cut look. 

Go Joon Hee

Add some volume to your hair by blow drying and gently curl your hair outwards for a chic and sophisticated look. Adding irregular curls at the end will add a more bright and cute charm. 

Hwang Jung Eum

Neat bob cuts have a modern chic appeal. Blow dry your hair and apply serum to your hair to maintain that silky cut. 

Kim Gyuri

A low ponytail emphasizes femininity. Parting your hair to the side that you’re comfortable with will make your face appear slimmer. Adding chic black hairband can be a nice touch. 

Kang Min Kyung (Davichi)

If you don’t feel comfortable with tying your long hair, let your hair down and add some soft curls at the end. You’ll look much more lively and elegant. 

Yoon Eun Hye

Half up half down hairstyle create a neat, yet elegant look. Keep your loose hairs in tact with bobby pins and sprays. 

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