Go Hyun Jung Gifts Tablo With Book He Now Always Carries Around

Tablo revealed that he has received a book as a gift from actress Go Hyun Jung.

On September 12, Tablo revealed on his twitter a picture of the gift with the caption “Go Hyun Jung gifted me with this book and it’s always in my bag. I read it too. Recommend the book.”

The title of the book is “Your Hurt Cannot Make A Leaf Green.” His revelation about always having it with him is causing attention from the public, most of whom are aware of his English degree from Stanford.

Netizens who saw his post showed positive responses with comments like “Oh, just reading the title leaves a strong impression,” “I’m a bit moved by Go Hyun Jung’s actions,“ “Tablo fighting.”

She previously bought a baby chair for Tablo’s newest addition back in February of this year.

In related news, the TaJinYo (We Want the Truth from Tablo) case has been reopened in Seoul Central District Court on September 12 as the first trial of the appeal. You can read more about the controversy here.