Secret: “Little Sisters? No! See Us As Women Please”

Popular girl group Secret returned with their new mini-album “Poison” on September 13. They’ve shared their thoughts with a StarNews reporter.

Han Sun Hwa: “We really wanted to go out and perform soon. It’s been a while since we’ve had our activities. We worried that we’ll be awkward during our first comeback, but we gained confidence after we all practiced together.”

Secret gives off a woman’s scent for the new album, showing that they’re growing up. If they were only known as sweet, lively girls, now even the gleam in their eyes have changed. Intense and fatal.

All: “You can sense that Secret has become women when you look at our overall feel.”

Zinger: “We’ve constantly showed a lively, dongseng image thus far. If we were like little sisters before, we want to be seen as women and decided to try and change our image. We did our best to be moderately sexy and feminine appropriate for our age.”

The title song “Poison” is a result of Secret’s hitmakers Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Bum’s joint work. The song helps Secret leave the girl image to become women. The saxophone refrain was impressive. Leader Jeon Hyo Sung shyly laughed when asked to explain about the song.

Jeon Hyo Sung: “It’s enticing and captivating. Even if we wanted to try a song like this before, we couldn’t. We want to show a song that can express the delicate relationship of a guy and girl that people can listen to at night. Our previous songs were better suited during the day. (Laugh) This is an album where one can probably listen to at night. (Laugh)”

To emphasize the sexiness, we adjusted the choreography to be shocking and unconventional.

Song Ji Eun: “If we focused on our upper half of the body before, this time the choreography emphasizes our lower half. The dance requires us to spread our legs, but there a lot of technical points so we practice a lot.”

Even though it’s been a year since they’ve made a comeback in Korea, they were busy attending activities in Japan. They’ve made their official debut in August 2011 and achieved to place in the top 10 on the Oricon Charts and proved their popularity. They’ve had a concert tour in Japan and performed in 3 cities. Just like their debut in 2009, the tour was a good, emotional experience.

Zinger: “The concert tour was a great experience. We’ve learned to understand the staff and keenly realized the importance of our fans much more than before.”

Jeon Hyo Sung: “We realized again just how important fans are. We also realized how thankful we are to be able to dance and sing on stage. We had a lot of fun. In order to be more like artists, we’re planning to hire a live band and perform the next time.”

Secret has expanded their music world with the thanks of the tour and have decided that placing 1st on music programs isn’t their goal for this promotion period. Rather, they want to focus on improving their music for the fans.

Song Ji Eun: “It seemed like we were in a hurry (to succeed). Although it would be great to place 1st, we consider it important and a success if we slowly show us successfully transforming as we grow older.”

Han Sun Hwa: “We don’t want to lose on the ratings, but we really don’t want to lose to anyone on the stage. We’re confident.”

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