G-Dragon Reveals “Light It Up” Preview + Interview + Additional Album Photos

On September 13, G-Dragon revealed a video of an interview and preview of his new song, “Light It Up.” In the 3-minute 27-second video, you get to hear a glimpse of G-Dragon’s new rap song, featuring Tablo and Dok2, as well as the Big Bang leader’s thoughts on his upcoming solo album.

“First of all, this is a hip-hop song. My bro Tablo and Dok2 have featured together. They spoke out the thoughts that I wanted to express but couldn’t really get out. This song could make people feel much relieved after listening to it,” G-Dragon says in the interview. See the full video below!

In addition to the video, G-Dragon also revealed some more album images through Naver Music, where GD was picked as “September’s Music Special Artist.” The images include fantasy-themed photos as well as a picture of him with a group of blonde girls. Naver Music is expected to reveal another group of photos on September 13 and 14.

G-Dragon’s first solo album in three years, “One of a Kind,” will be released online on September 15, and in stores on September 18. Stay tuned for more updates!