Big Bang’s Seungri Involved in Scandal + Photos in Bed Leaked!

On September 13, Japanese weekly magazine “Friday” published leaked photos of Big Bang’s Seungri shirtless in bed, alongside an exclusive interview with a Japanese woman who claims to have had a one-night-stand with him.

The woman interviewed in the article stated, “Seungri has a tendency to choke the girl while having sex.”

The two photos leaked by the magazine shows a man who looks strikingly similar to Seungri, although it hasn’t been confirmed if it is indeed the star singer himself. The photos are quickly spreading online, with netizens and the press sharing the story through SNS channels. YG Entertainment has not addressed the issue yet.

Netizens commented, “That’s got to be Seungri,” “It looks like his Japanese girlfriend stabbed him in the back,” and “The maknae is all grown up!”

Seungri has been in Japan after wrapping Big Bang’s Japanese Tour concert in June. We’ll keep you updated with more news!