“Answer Me 1997” Star Seo In Gook Says He Has Insecurities About His Looks

 Mnet’s “Superstar K” winner Seo In Gook, who is currently receiving a lot of love for his role as Yoon Yoon Jae in tvN drama “Answer Me 1997” which also co-stars A-Pink‘s Jung Eun Ji and Infinite‘s Hoya, participated in an interview in which he talks about his insecurities with his looks in photographs.

Seo In Gook talked about his insecurities: “Acting is really fun. Looking at in the long-term, I want to steadily develop. But, in terms of an actor’s face, I have a complaint against myself. I am the type of person who has a lot of complexes about my face….Particularly, as my face is asymmetrical, depending upon the angle of my face shot by the camera, my face can look bigger. That’s my biggest complex.”

Seo In Gook also added: “Before, when I came across Kyeongsangdo dialect [Busan, the setting of tvN drama “Answer Me 1997,” is located in Kyeongsangdo] in movies, I just treated it as funny, but, in my recent drama, because I saw how it was a romantic dialect, I liked it.”