“Rascal Sons” Actor Seo In Gook and Actress Yoon Se In Film Fight Scene

Earlier in August, “Answer Me 1997” star Seo In Gook was cast in MBC weekend drama “Rascal Sons.”

Recently, photographs of the drama have been released showing Seo In Gook and Yoon Se In filming a fight scene as a married couple. In this scene, Yoon Se In’s character catches Seo In Gook’s character cheating on her with a new woman, and tries to terribly punish him.

Seo In Gook plays the role of the youngest son of three named Yoo Seung Gi. Yoo Seung Gi was pressured into an early marriage with his wife Mi Rim, played by actress Yoon Se In, and Yoo Seung Gi’s wandering eye causes Mi Rim a lot of pain as she tries to be both a good daughter-in-law and also deal with his cheating.

MBC weekend drama “Rascal Sons” follows the story of three sons played by Lee Sung Jae who plays the eldest son Yoo Hyun Gi, Ryu Soo Young who plays middle son Yoo Min Gi, and Seo In Gook who plays youngest son Yoo Seung Gi. Myung Se Bin plays a single mom who is the love interest of Lee Sung Jae’s character. Han Hye Rin plays the girlfriend of a friend and love interest of Ryu Soo Young’s character.