[Ceci] Clutch Bags With 4minute's Heo Gayoon Part 1: Themes & Choices

Heo Ga Yoon participated in the photoshoot to help fashionable people work with transparent vivid colors, vintage moods, must-have items and clutch bag styling know-hows. Scroll through the article by clicking the page numbers at the bottom  to view her different outfits and clutch bags of choice.

Clutch bags armed with this season’s showy colors and materials are the trend. It can be casual or a bling-bling clutch bag by how we work it.
Shiny green clutch bag (price undisclosed, 8seconds)

Here is Part 2 with Heo Gayoon : Every Day Styling

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A classic camel color clutch bag is perfect for a showy print dress. Just, it’s necessary to know how to pick a flashy accessory to balance out a boring outfit.

Gayoon: “When all is said and done, it’s a cat woman’s cape. The look is perfected with just sunglasses.”

Quilting camel color clutch bag (129,000 KRW, Lapalette)

A strong woman wearing flashy print, what kind of clutch bag can devour the charms of leopard print? The answer is a silver clutch bag where being intense is it’s strong point.

Silver square clutch bag (83,000 KRW, 202 Factory)

Lets match a bag that works well with a silk blouse which maximizes femininity. The look can easily be very boring, so it’s good if you pay attention to the details that stress funky styling.

Leather-texture navy color folder shoulder clutch bag (1,649,000 KRW, Murberry)

A denim jacket rich in street feel and a vintage player skirt style go well together. It’s an effortless look with a chic finish.

Gayoon: “The accessory is key in matching a casual look.”

Vintage clutch bag (price undisclosed, Zadig & Voltaire)

You have to pay special attention to match accessories with a shiny look. You’ll have to choose a clean and minimal design clutch bag the more excessive or mature the outfit.

Gayoon: “I usually enjoy Clare Vivier’s clutch bags.”

Blue clutch bag emphasizing the zipper (price undisclosed, Ga Yoon’s personal item)

“Just! If I have to pick one, it will be a folding clutch bag.
If I want to experience the essence of a clutch bag, I’ll have to hold one at least. Don’t forget that how you carry the bag determines the essence of your style.”
– Guest Editor Heo Ga Yoon (4minute)

Even if a showy crystal is tempting, or a very convenient square portfolio is tempting, a clutch bag is the trend. The motto in street fashion is “effortless look” styling. Fold and unfold, fall in love with the merits of the advance of a grip bag.

Grip clutch bag (99,000 KRW, Front Row)

An all black look, the bright print clutch bag is a game-stopper. This is a strong statement. (198,000 KRW biker starlet)

A tassel ornament is a nice soft touch for this casual clutch bag. (price undisclosed, LAP)

A strong, exotic leather clutch bag (425,000 KRW Couronne)

A cheerful yellow clutch bag that you can fold and unfold with convenience (59,000 KRW MagnMag)

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