Secret Receives Mix Reaction For “Poison” Choreography

Girl group Secret has just made their comeback with their newest song “Poison” and the choreography is receiving mixed reactions.

On September 13, they’ve performed “Poison” on Mnet’s “M! Countdown” and also released their music video. They became the center of attention for wearing form-fitting hot pants, which revealed their slimmer legs and also for their sexier faces.

Their “spreading legs” dance received the most attention compared to their outfits, make up, and music. The concept of the song is of beautiful spies and the dances extrapolated from the concept to create a choreography emphasizing strong and sexy femme fatale look. Secret’s representative ba-gel (baby face, glamorous body) and leader, Jeon Hyo Sung is drawing attention performing the dance because it emphasizes her assets. However, there are viewers who think the dance crossed the line because of their outfit choice and became borderline embarrassing.

Some netizens who watched their dance commented, “It’s embarrassing that they’ve emphasized their hips too much,” “It doesn’t look good because their pants are very short,” “It would be much better if they change their choreography,” “Are girl groups in a competition right now?” On the other hand, they received positive comments as well. “They’re very sexy. It’s a real stage performance,” “Was concerned because Hyo Sung’s cheeks disappeared, but I don’t have to be worried because she’s still captivating,” “You have to at least perform on that level.”

Korean netizens have mixed reactions, but Soompiers. What do y’all think of their dance?