“Answer Me 1997” Star Seo In Gook Says First Kiss Scene with Jung Eun Ji Took Four Hours and 16 NGs

Answer Me 1997” star Seo In Gook talks about his first kiss scene with co-star Jung Eun Ji in a recent interview. In tvN drama “Answer Me 1997,” Seo In Gook plays the role of Yoon Yoon Jae who is head over heels in love with his childhood friend Sung Si Won who is played by A-Pink member Jung Eun Ji. Yoon Yoon Jae had an unrequited crush on her throughout high school, and even planted a kiss on her one afternoon at school (which was their first kiss). It would take them another six years after high school to finally get together

Seo In Gook said: “Even though the scene was beautiful, we shot the scene for four hours while I was topless and dripping with water all over. We had 16 NGs, it was really cold. Any fluttering feelings disappeared, I just really wanted to quickly finish the scene, and that was how I ended up doing the kiss scene. [laughs]”

Seo In Gook said: “”Answer Me 1997” character Yoon Yoon Jae and I, Seo In Gook, are very different. I am quite playful, but Yoon Yoon Jae is serious. Also, unlike Yoon Yoon Jae, I do not share adult videos. [laughs]”

Seo In Gook said: “The whole day is enjoyable. Every day, I’m happy. I think of the current popularity as a present from production director Shin Won Ho. I was flustered when I was told I would be the lead at our first meeting. As an actor, I am still a rookie, so I did not have the self-confidence to be the lead. I am so thankful that they believed in me.”