[Ceci] Hairstyle Tips by Occasion Part 3: For That Oh-So-Fab Party…

It’s highly improper, not to mention boring, to cling to one hairstyle for different affairs – be it a job interview, a date, a party, and more. Here are some hair styling tips for whatever hairstyle you may have by occasion! The gallery starts with tips for short hair and gradually goes to longer hair styles, so be sure to scroll through the entire list by clicking on the page numbers at the bottom!

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Gong Hyo Jin

You can go for the slicked back pixie style by using a strong hold gel and slicking your hair back toward the nape of your neck with a comb. With this daring do, you’ll be the sexiest person at the party. 

Jang Hee Jin

Curl your bangs outwards. The style will look much more polished and smooth if you treat your tresses with nourishing serums. Remember, dry and fuzzy hair is simply unattractive. 

Yoon Seung Ah

Use a curling iron to add some thick waves. Add both inwards and outwards curls at the bottom for a more carefree look. Don’t forget to curl your bangs as well!

Yoo In Yong

Create a high ponytail. Then dress up your ponytail by braiding it loosely. It’s an effortlessly chic style in any setting.

Dasom (SISTAR)

The position of your bun can change the look-and-feel of your hairstyle. You can look appear more lively and bubbly with a high bun. However, you should match the style with a bold accessory so that your neck and shoulder’s don’t look too empty. 


Tiffany (Girls’ Generation)

If you want to try something different, add some color to your hair. You’ll definitely draw in all the attention the moment you step out. However, if you do decide to dye your hair, avoid any accessories as it may just be too much. 

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