Park Shi Hoo Plans To Film 2 Billion Won Music Video

Park Shi Hoo will leave for Thailand to film for a blockbuster-size music video on September 15.

This music video will be a collaboration between high profile director Chang (who has previously directed music videos for artists like Naul, Big Mama, MC Mong, Jang Woo Hyuk, Clazziquai, Gumi, SG Wannabe), and staff who previously worked on Hollywood movies.

The song is titled as “Boy” (translated title in progress) and the action story will portray Park Shi Hoo and his delicate relationship with his half-brother and how he ends up falling in love with his half-brother’s girl.

He expresses his thoughts about his participation before he leaves, “Through this project, I’ll be able to show you Thailand’s exotic atmosphere and various elements like romance and action. You’ll be able to see sides of me you haven’t seen through other projects. Please look forward to it.”

Soompiers, if you had a chance to produce a music video with a 2 Billion Won (roughly $2 million), what kind of story line would you have? Where’s a great place to film a music video?