Kim Tae Hee is the Only Eligible Bachelorette in Advertising Industry

Of many female celebrity endorsement models of apparel company Shinwon, its brand ISABEY de PARIS‘s endorsement model Kim Tae Hee is the only one who does not have “no marriage” clause in her contract with the company. Normally in signing exclusive endorsement contract with a celebrity, companies include a few “damage compensation clause” in case of any controversies and/or scandals that might negatively affect the brand’s image. 

For all other endorsement models for Shinwon, the “no marriage” clause is still effective. Celebrities like Lee Min Jung, Moon Chae Won, and Han Hyo Joo have a clause or two stating that the celebrity is monetarily responsible to compensate for any negative advertising and/or expected drop in sales in the case of publicly revealing a relationship and/or marriage in their contracts with Shinwon.

Such difference is because the targeted consumers for each brand is different. ISABEY de PARIS targets women in their 30s and 40s. Its classic and sophisticated style also appeals to women over age 50. A representative from Shinwon commented, “There is a very low possibility for us to lose our main clientele because of Kim Tae Hee’s private life. Moreover, since we are all about ‘looking classic and sophisticated,’ Kim Tae Hee’s marriage might positively affect ISABEY de PARIS.”

Another representative from the brand added, “Lee Min Jung, Moon Chae Won, and Han Hyo Joo all endorse products for brands that target women in their 20s and early 30s as the main clientele. Therefore, their private lives might directly affect a brand’s image and sales. However, Kim Tae Hee is already well in her 30s and appeals to a different group of prospective consumers.”