Celebrity Couple Kim Hyo Jin and Yoo Ji Tae On a Date

Actress Kim Hyo Jin recently uploaded a picture on her twitter and commented, “Photo shoot with my husband. It’s so nice out.” The revealed picture shows Kim Hyo Jin and husband Yoo Ji Tae looking natural and walking hand in hand with big bright smiles on their faces.

The celebrity couple is sporting an adorable and stylish couple’s look together in the picture. Kim Hyo Jin, a well-known celebrity fashionista, is wearing a well-fitted jeans with a black t-shirt. She is holding a light cardigan in her hand. Her brown hair with natural waves is also adding an extra flare to her style. 

Yoo Ji Tae is also wearing a pair of destroyed denim jeans with a black button-down shirt with casual sneakers. As usual, his style is very considerate of Kim Hyo Jin’s, making sure they look good together and yet, she shines just a little bit more than he does. His warm smile at Kim Hyo Jin accentuates the happy couple’s matching outfits. 

Netizens commented on the couple’s picture, “This makes me want to get married,” “Yoo Ji Tae’s always so considerate,” “I’m just jealous,” “The best celebrity couple,” and “Fashionista celebrity couple.”