SHINee’s Key Flaunts Funky and Playful Outfit on Me2Day

SHINee‘s Key flaunted an unusual fashion sense on Me2Day. On September 12, he wrote on SHINee’s official Me2Day, “Someone gave me a ribbon because my birthday is in September,” and uploaded a picture along with the comment. 

The revealed picture shows Key wearing a button-down shirt with seven dwarves from Disney‘s “Snow White” drawn on it. He is matching a cute green baseball cap and a simple black cardigan with the fancy shirt to complete this unique look. On the left side of his chest places a red-and-white checkered ribbon he received as a birthday gift in advance. His boyish facial expression is adding an extra personality to his fashion.

Netizens commented on Key’s outfit, “Why does he seem like he’s getting younger?” “Oh my god, he’s so adorable,” and “I wish you a happy birthday in advance!”