Kim Tae Hee’s Beauty Remains Unchanged Through the Years

Kim Tae Hee’s beauty remains unchanged from when she debuted nearly 10 years ago. The proof is a series of screen captures from her debut screen appearance that recently circulated on online community boards.

The pictures were from her 2003 SBS weekend drama “Screen,” in which Kim Tae Hee starred as Kim So Hyun, the cheerful and bright only child of a prominent film director. In the photos, the actress is a fresh-faced young beauty, with smooth skin and sporting a hairstyle with bangs.

Netizens who have seen the screen captures commented with “There’s nothing embarrassing about her old photos because she still looks gorgeous,” “The rookie Kim Tae Hee is beautiful as she is now,” “Bangs,” “Regardless of time, Kim Tae Hee is really a goddess beauty,” “She’s really naturally beautiful from her mother’s womb,” and such reactions.

Kim Tae Hee has yet to announce her next project but is currently keeping her spot in the limelight with endorsement deals.