miss A Suzy’s Ideal Type Ian Somerhalder Wants to Meet Her Dog

Ian Somerhalder, the Hollywood actor from the TV show “Vampire Diary,” sent miss A’s Suzy a friendly tweet, asking if he could meet her little dog when he visits Korea soon.

On September 16, Somerhalder first sent a message through Twitter, “I hear u named your puppy “Damon” from my good friends @controlchaos @ Eunjung Oh. Luv that! Hope 2 meet her when I’m in Korea soon XO.”

Shortly after receiving the message from the man she calls her “ideal type,” Suzy quickly responded, “OMG..WOW really??? I’m a big fan so I named my puppy ‘Damon’!”

She also added, “”Any plan to visit Korea? If so, I’d really like to show you my puppy, Damon :)”

The brief conversation attracted a lot of Netizen interest because Suzy recently revealed that Somerhalder was her “boyfriend.” Netizens commented, “I thought they were dating,” “Suzy’s pet, not Suzy herself?” and “I’m sure he’ll fall for her once they meet.”