Super Junior member Kyuhyun Says Leeteuk is Popular with the Ladies

Super Junior member Kyuhyun revealed interesting information about fellow Super Junior member Leeteuk’s irresistible ways. 

On September 12, on MBC Every1 program “Weekly Idol,” Super Junior members Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, and Ryeowook appeared as guests on the show. During the show, Super Junior members kept trying to one-up each other in revealing secrets that they knew about each other. 

Kyuhyun flustered Leeteuk by revealing: “Leeteuk meets so many non-celebrity women. One cannot stop Leeteuk’s moves.”

Leeteuk then responded: “I don’t do anything, but, just from my surroundings, there are so many women who tell me that they like me. Even celebrity women have contacted me telling me they were interested.” Super Juniors members had to admit and agree that Leeteuk is popular with the the ladies. 

Upon the MCs asking why Leeteuk is so popular, Kyuhyun mimicked Leeteuk’s aegyo voice when he talked on the phone with women. Then Eunhyuk turned to Kyuhyun and made everyone laugh by asking: “Are you talking about yourself?”