IU Captures Generals on Last Episode of Gag Concert Segment “Sensitivity Kingdom”

Gagman Kim Ji Ho posted photographs of singer IU and idol group Fiestar with other gagmen Kim Jun Ho, Kim Dae Hui, Lee Dong Yun, Kim Yeong Min, and Kwon Jae Kwon, after the last episode of Gag Concert segment “Sensitivity Kingdom.” 

On September 16, Gagman Kim Ji Ho posted the photographs with IU and Fiestar on his Twitter account with the following words: “Thank you to IU and Fiestar for acting together with us on the last episode of “Sensitivity Kingdom. Also, thank you so much to the many people who loved “Sensitivity Kingdom.””
In this last episode, IU plays a princess from a neighboring kingdom. When she sings the line, “I, like you oppa” from her song “Good Day,” with her cute aegyo, she is able to capture generals of “Sensitivity Kingdom.”