Members of Girls’ Generation Spotted at SISTAR’s Concert

Recently on an online community forum, a post titled “Girls’ Generation at SISTAR‘s Concert” surfaced and garnered much attention. The revealed photo shows Hyoyeon, Sunny, and YoonA of Girls’ Generation at SISTAR’s first concert, “Femme Fatale.” 

In the picture, YoonA, Hyoyeon, and Sunny are sitting side by side, talking and laughing together. Even from a distance, one cannot miss their beauty. One of the revealed pictures also show many fans whose eyes are fixed on these three members of Girls Generation. The three members of Girls’ Generation are known to be really good friends with SISTAR. Especially Hyoyeon and Sunny previously starred in KBS “Invincible Youth 2” with SISTAR’s Bora and became very close friends through the show. 

Meanwhile, SISTAR performed a series of unique, sexy, and well-prepared stages and successfully finished their first independent concert on September 15.