Kim Soo Ro Praises A Pink’s Eunji in “Answer Me 1997”

Actor Kim Soo Ro praised “Answer Me 1997“s heroine A Pink‘s Eunji on twitter. He tweeted on September 17, “I watched ‘Answer Me 1997!’ Until the 6th episode~ All at once~! Here’s my review! It’s a really well-made show! To summarize in one sentence, I think Eunji is an acting genius~ She is super charming~ And she’s a good singer~ this girl’s never had a proper acting training! It’s like an animalistic instinct in acting, she’s so good! I’m gonna watch this until the end and I’ll write about it again~♥”

Such review of tvN “Answer Me 1997” from Kim Soo Ro, one of the best actors in the industry, garnered much attention as much as his praise of Eunji. He seemed really impressed by her acting and praised her as acting genius. Netizens commented on Kim Soo Ro’s twitter mention, “I agree! I think she really is an acting genius,” “I’ve heard so many people call her a genius so I finally gave it a try. She’s really amazing,” and “There’s only one episode left. I don’t want to let go yet!”