Sohee is Tommy Hilfiger’s Denim Muse for “Vogue Girl”

Wonder Girls’ Sohee has once again posed for a stylish fall photo shoot.

Sohee sports a variety of outfits for this autumn themed pictorial. She shows off different styling for the new fall season such as denim layering, thick knitted sweaters, patched denim dresses and more. Her outfits are trendy yet easily accessible for anyone to wear. Sohee’s choice of shoes also stand out such as her red kill heels and her brown leather boots, which are must-have items for this season.

Sohee also posed with a rising CF star Ahn Jae Hyun, which garnered much attention. Though the weather was a still a bit warm for thick sweaters and long-sleeved shirts, it is reported that Sohee completed the photo shoot in a professional manner, without any hint of struggling. Sohee’s natural poses and facial expressions, along with her long and lean body line and her great chemistry with her fellow model created a level of perfection for this fall pictorial.

For this pictorial, Sohee is the muse for the new Tommy Hilfiger denim collection. The pictorial can be found in the October edition of “Vogue Girl.”