Labelmates Baek Ah Yeon and 2PM Affectionately Pose Together

Recent photos of Baek Ah Yeon and 2PM are topping the headlines.

On September 16, Baek Ah Yeon tweeted, “Thank you oppas for supporting me,” along with a photo of herself and Taecyeon, Wooyoung and Chansung.

On the next day, Chansung tweeted, “Baek Ah Yeon fighting! I’m finally putting this up hehe,” along with a similar photo.

In the photo, Chansung is affectionately posing with the “K-Pop Star” contestant and now debuted rookie artist Baek Ah Yeon. Baek Ah Yeon is sporting a royal blue strapless dress, which seems like the dress from her album jacket cover and her music video for “Sad Song.” Netizens especially exclaimed about Baek Ah Yeon’s exposed shoulders and her growing beauty.

Netizens commented, “Miss Ah Yeon really seems like a celebrity now,” “At some point, she was able to stand side by side with 2PM,” “Your album is so good. I hope to see a lot of your promotions in the future,” and more.

After signing with JYP Entertainment, Baek Ah Yeon has recently released her debut track “Sad Song” and has been enjoying high ranks on various music charts. She made her debut performance on SBS Inkigayo this past weekend.