Kim Ha Neul Was Bullied in School And Had Difficulty Socializing With Celebrities

A short while ago, we reported that Kim Ha Neul was a victim of bullying. She finally shared her stories and experience with being bullied and revealed that she didn’t have any celebrity friends.

On September 18, part two of Kim Ha Neul’s episode of “Healing Camp” was aired. For the first time on broadcast, Kim Ha Neul shared her painful stories of being bullied, breakups and even panic disorders.

The MCs asked if Kim Ha Neul, “Do you really have no celebrity friends? Why is that?” Then Kim Ha Neul honestly answered, “I guess I just don’t have a good personality,” which surprised the MCs.

She continued, “I think I am just afraid. I’ve been like this since I was young. Whenever a new semester started, I couldn’t initiate conversations. The only friends I had were people who would talk to me first. I think I was afraid that people might not smile at me when I started to talk to them. Thinking back, I wonder why I was like that but I was like that since I was in pre-school. So people started to misunderstand me and so I’ve been bullied all throughout elementary school to middle school. When misunderstandings arise, one should explain to clear it up but I always just kept it to myself.”

She shared, “The hardest time was when I fought with a close friend of mine but everyone took her side instead of mine. I remember eating lunch alone and I was so embarrassed.”

About not having any celebrity friends, she said, “It was hard enough to take care of myself. I didn’t even have the free time to look at other actresses and start conversations with them. I wasn’t even ready myself so I didn’t know how to act in the celebrity world.”