T-Pain Humors Fans with “Oppa Batman Style”

American rapper T-Pain shared a parody photo of viral hit “Gangnam Style,” humoring much of his followers and fans of the popular song. Earlier today, T-Pain tweeted, “Oppa Batman Style,” and attached a picture. 

In the picture, the two characters from “Dark Knight Rises,” Batman and Bane, are in the elevator doing the pose made famous by comedian Noh Hong Chul and PSY. Noh Hong Chul performed his signature dance in the music video, leaving a strong impression worldwide. Since then, he’s been dubbed the “Elevator Guy” and has developed a fan base.

Shortly after T-Pain’s tweet, PSY commented on his post, “How are you man~!?? lol.” 

Netizens who’ve seen T-Pain’s tweet commented, “lmao,” “hehehe batman style,” “hahaha that’s hilarious,” and more.