IU Celebrates 4 Year Anniversary With Cute Selca

It’s already been 4 years since IU made her debut into the entertainment industry.

On September 18, she revealed a picture through her twitter with the caption “4 year anniversary. I’ll strive to be a person who always knows how to be thankful.”

Inside the picture, she cutely tied her bangs up away from her face and posed with an adorable, pouting expression.

Netizens who saw the picture praised IU with comments, “It’s already been 4 years since you’ve debuted! Congratulations,” “This picture of IU is too cute.”

She made her debut through “Mia” on September 2008. She is currently preparing for her encore concert at the War Memorial of Korea Peace Hall in Yongsan, Seoul this September 22 and 23.

And just for kicks! Here’s a review of her debut album from one of our very own Soompiers. Amazing how much has happened in 4 years. Where do you think IU will be in another 4 years?