“Haeundae Lovers” Actress Jo Yeo Jung is a Radiant Darling in Headphones

Actress Jo Yeo Jung posted a photograph of herself listening to music online.

On September 17, actress Jo Yeo Jung posted a photograph of herself on her Twitter account along with the following words: “My newly bought headphones. Oh my God, I’m so happy. It’s a present to myself for working so hard this summer. Knock knock.”

The photograph shows Jo Yeo Jung lying on her back, her wavy hair flicked over her shoulder, and with red headphones on. Even in a relaxed state, Jo Yeo Jung looked radiant and pretty. 

Netizens who saw the photograph responded: “The shape of your face is so beautiful!” “Your face is so small,” “It looks like you lost too much weight,” “As opposed to your headphones, you’re prettier!”

Jo Yeo Jung is starring in KBS drama “Haeundae Lovers” with Kim Kang Woo and Nam Gyuri. Kim Kang Woo is a prosecutor who goes to Busan to investigate gang activities, loses his memory, and finds himself involved with the very people he had gone to investigate.