Kahi Updates Fans With Selcas From The States

What is Kahi up to these days since graduating from After School?

On September 16, she posted a few pictures on her twitter with the caption “It’s hot, but I still like it.”

She’s still as fashionable as ever with her form-fitting printed tank top and grayish jeggings. She finishes the outfit with a black fedora, bracelets and sunglasses proving that she still got the charisma she’s known for on stage. In fact, it looks like she’s more self-confident and has more charisma.

Netizens who saw her pictures gave positive comments, “Of course, it’s Kahi if we’re talking about force,” “Her body’s still as good and she’s cool,” “She matches the exotic background.”

Kahi graduated from After School this past June and hasn’t made any public appearances.

Soompiers, it looks like a California license plate. Where do you think she’s at right now? What’s she planning? Is she just resting or making connections within the American entertainment industry?