“A Gentleman’s Dignity” Actress Kim Ha Neul Chooses Yoo Seung Ho as Her Ideal Type on SBS’s “Healing Camp”

Actress Kim Ha Neul, who starred in SBS summer drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity” with Jang Dong Gun, appeared as a guest on SBS program “Healing Camp” which aired as two episodes on September 10 and September 17. 

On September 10, in a light-hearted segment of the show, Kim Ha Neul participated in ideal type world cup in which she was given eight actors to choose from, and eventually chose Yoo Seung Ho as her ideal type. “Healing Camp” MC Han Hye Jin concurred that she too would have picked Yoo Seung Ho. 

In the first round, Kim Ha Neul chose Jang Dong Gun over Lee Byung Hun, Song Seung Heon over So Ji Seob, Yoon Kye Sang over Kim Jae Won, and Yoo Seung Ho over Jang Geun Suk

In the second round, Kim Ha Neul chose Yoo Seung Ho over the rest. 

Kim Ha Neul said: “If I like someone, age does not matter. But, even though I don’t think an age difference matters when it comes to love, my conscience won’t allow me to do a ten year difference. As opposed to someone older, I prefer someone in my peer group.” The actress went on to say: “My ideal type is man, from who I can learn a lot about life, who sincerely, straightforwardly, loves me.”

On September 17, Kim Ha Neul discussed the serious issue of bullying and shared her own experiences of being bullied by children at school because of her shyness and having difficulty even as an adult socializing with other celebrities.