Hwayoung Spotted at SISTAR’s Concert

Ex-T-ara member Hwayoung was spotted at SISTAR’s first solo concert last week.

On September 17, Y-Star “Live Star News” showed footage of their brief interview with Hwayoung, as they caught up with her just outside SISTAR’s concert that took place on September 15.

Hwayoung, wearing a denim shirt and oversized horn-rimmed glasses, is reported to have attended the concert to show her support for her close friend Dasom. The camera crew walked up to Hwayoung and asked her if she missed going up on stage.

“I’m sorry,” Hwayoung answered, seeming uncomfortable with the unexpected filming. She continued, “I’m good. I’ll give you a call soon. Thank you.”

Since the T-ara bullying controversy last month, Hwayoung was withdrawn from the group and has not made any public appearances.