Paparazzi Shots Of Lee Jang Woo Prove His Handsomeness

Several paparazzi shots of actor Lee Jang Woo were revealed and they’re gaining the interest of many fans.

On September 19, pictures with the caption “Lee Jang Woo on his way to ‘MuBank’” were posted and were quickly spread online. He was on his way to the broadcasting station when the pictures were taken. He’s currently the MC for KBS’s “Music Bank” along with After School’s Uee.

Inside the pictures, he’s seen wearing gray pants, faded dark blue shirt and a black leather jacket. He matches the outfit with a grayish leather backpack with 2 distinct blue and red stripes. His tall frame and great fashion sense is receiving attention by the female population.

Netizens who saw the pictures praised, “It’s just like a magazine shoot,” “God is on his way to work,” “Because of you, I’m able to have eye-candy,” “What a stylish Lee Jang Woo on his way to work.”

In other news, Lee Jang Woo has recently released a digital single “Words I Couldn’t Bear To Say,” earning him the nickname “ballad prince.”

Soompiers, what do you think of his fashion sense? Yay or nay?