Daniel Henney: “We got ‘Bangkok Style~’”

Actor Daniel Henney revealed a friendly photo he took with fellow co-stars Sul Kyung Ku, Moon So Ri, Ko Chang Suk from the film “Negotiation Terminator” (English title still in progress).

On September 18, he uploaded a picture with the comment “Bangkok spies… Bangkok Style~”

Inside the picture, Daniel Henney and Moon So Ri are showing off their radiant smiles while Sul Kyung Ku and Ko Chang Suk are having a friendly staring contest with the camera. It’s great to observe their closeness in the picture, a great indicator of a great atmosphere on the filming set. They are receiving attention for their unique cast.

Netizens who were able to view the picture shared positive comments, “I really look forward to the movie,” “Daniel Henney is really radiant,” “Casting daebak! I’ll wait for the movie,” “Ko Chang Suk is really the best these days,” “To hear that Sul Kyung Ku and Moon So Ri are working together again,” “You actors are so cute.”

Soompiers, isn’t it great to see such awesome teamwork? What other drama/movie casts do you recall having such good camaraderie?