Original Face of Girl Groups, Eugene to MC “Star Audition” Season 3

Eugene, from the original fairy group S.E.S, has been confirmed as the main MC for MBC’s “Star Audition” Season 3 (from now on known as “Star Audition 3”).

On September 20, the production team from “Star Audition 3” has revealed that Eugene will become the main MC. A production staff explained, “Eugene has experience being the main MC for several programs and have been recognized for her stable method of running the shows. She will be able to give insightful advices as a senior because she has experience being part of an idol group in the past. Also, she will be a secret mentor for one of the contestants so please look forward to that.”

Eugene shared her thoughts through her representative, “I will try my best to be warm like an older sister to the contestants and will have “Star Audition” become more moving.”

“Star Audition 3” has finished all local and abroad auditions and is slated for a mid-October broadcast.

In other news, one of the final contestants for the second season is preparing for his debut with Lunafly. Brown Eyed Girl’s Jea gave a shoutout to support her fellow labelmates. Soompi had the chance to have an exclusive interview and Lunafly gave a great performance.