Girls' Generation member Choi Soo Young is Cool and Chic in

Girls’ Generation member Choi Soo Young is featured in the September issue of fashion magazine “1st Look.”   In the photo shoot, Choi Soo Young is modeling designer J.Lite and is stunningly cool and chic in various looks which make the most of her model-like figure .  

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Below are selected excerpts from the interview.   

On being called a fashionista, Soo Young: “I think it’s good to have that kind of interest, but to be honest, it’s burdensome.  I just like comfortable clothes.  These days my motto is “back to basics.”  I think the most stylish look is a white T-shirt, with jeans, and sneakers. 

On what she recommends to wear in the fall, Soo Young: “I think a chic look is jeans, plain T-shirt, leather jacket on top, and a muffler or scarf carelessly wrapped about.  I think one looks beautiful when one is most comfortable.  [Designer] J.Lite is like that, so I think that’s why I wear J.Lite often.”

On acting in the role of Lee Eui Jin, who is in love with actor Oh Ji Ho’s character Dr. Kim Seung Hyun, in tvN drama “The Third Hospital,” Soo Young: “At first, I was worried that I would get nervous, but as the episodes passed by, I was able to comfortably immerse myself in acting.  My acting seniors made it a very comfortable atmosphere, so I could focus on acting, and I received a lot of help because of that.  [Actor] Kim Seung Woo always matched my level in acting, and was very considerate towards me.  [Actor] Oh Ji Ho has a personality that likes to make jokes and be playful, and was the atmosphere-maker.  He also gave me a lot of advice about acting.”      

On her character Lee Eui Jin having an unrequited love of Dr. Kim Seung Hyun, Soo Young: “Lee Eui Jin is exactly the type of character that girls dislike.  She falls over easily, and spills her coffee easily…Actually, I was worried she was the kind of character with mud on her.  But, she is the kind of character that will cover the hurt that someone she loves gives her, and does everything with sincerity, so I believe viewers will sympathize with her.”      

Soo Young’s drama “The Third Hospital” began airing on September 5.  In September, Soo Young has also been busy with Girls’ Generation promotional activities with the release music video for the Japanese version of their hit single “Oh!” and a dance version, and a music video for their single “All My Love Is For You.”  Singles “Oh!” and “All My Love Is For You” will be released as a double A-side single.   




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