Girl’s Day member Minah Poses Like a Cute Duck in Selcas

A set of three photographs of Girl’s Day member Minah has been posted online. 

On September 20, Girl’s Day member Minah posted the photographs of herself on her Twitter account with the following words: “In the middle of recording. I have become a duck. Now, I only have extra things left to do. quack quack.”

In the photograph, Minah poses with a yellow flower in her mouth which looks like a duck’s bill, and sticks out her butt and with her hands stretch back like wings.

Netizens who viewed the photographs responded: “Minah is pretty even without makeup,” “Minah pretending to be a duck is too cute,” “You’re showing a cute image for Girl’s Day.” 

Girl’s Day made their comeback earlier this year with mini album “Everyday 2.”