“Ghost Sweepers” Actress Kim Yoon Hye Shows Her Sultry Beauty in “Elle”

Photographs of “Ghost Sweepers” actress Kim Yoon Hye (also known by her former stage name Woori) in a photo shoot for fashion magazine “Elle” have been released.

In the photo shoot, actress Kim Yoon Hye shows off a sultry beauty. Despite her relatively young age, Kim Yoon Hye was able to show off a maturity in her gaze and elegant sexiness. 

Kim Yoon Hye will playing the role of Seung Hee in the upcoming movie “Ghost Sweepers” which stars Kim Soo Ro, Lee Je Hoon, and Kang Ye Won. “Ghost Sweepers’ will be released on October 3. 

Kim Yoon Hye made her debut as a model at the age of 12 years old in fashion magazine “Vogue” but since then has turned to acting. Kim Yoon Hye has acted in 2007 movie “My Son” and 2011 movie “Alice.” 

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