Song Joong Ki: “I’d Like Dating Rumors about Park Bo Young and Myself to Start”

On the most recent episode of SBS “One Night of TV Entertainment,” Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young, the hero and heroine of upcoming movie “Werewolf Boy,” appeared for an interview segment. This interview was conducted in a outdoor camping setting, and Song Joong Ki’s gentlemen-like qualities stood out as he was taking care of Park Bo Young.

Song Joong Ki served ramen in a smaller bowl for Park Bo Young himself because he didn’t want her to get hurt accidentally. Throughout the interview he paid extra attention to Park Bo Young. He even fished out the egg yoke from his ramen and gave it to Park Bo Young. Upon seeing Song Joong Ki’s gentlemen-like treatment of Park Bo Young, Cho Young Goo, the interviewer, asked them, “What if rumors about you two dating start after this interview airs?”

Song Joong Ki answered, “I want something like that to happen.” Park Bo Young seemed content with the idea as well, as she excitedly said, “I would love to have Song Joong Ki as my boyfriend. He’s the hottest actor nowadays.” Song Joong Ki asked if Park Bo Young would like to walk around hand in hand with him and she responded “Yes” with a big smile on her face, getting fans excited about the possibilities of a future celebrity couple.