Seo In Guk Jokingly Calls Jung Eun Ji’s Mother His Mother-in-Law

On September 20, tvN “Enews” revealed BTS clips from “Answer Me 1997” and its famous kiss scene by a water fountain. In the revealed clip, Seo In Guk was busy bulking up by doing push ups to get ready to take off his shirt for the scene while Jung Eun Ji was gargling with mouthwash in preparation for the upcoming kiss scene. 

After filming the kiss scene, Jung Eun Ji video chatted with her mother and Seo In Guk joined the family conversation. He sat down next to her and said, “Hello, I’m Seo Jin Guk.” Jung Eun Ji told her mom, “I just filmed a kiss scene with him!” and Seo In Guk started joking, “I’ll prepare all wedding presents, don’t worry about them.”

Upon Seo In Guk’s marriage joke, everyone around Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk started laughing. Co-star Lee Shi Un encouraged Seo In Guk to call Jung Eun Ji’s mother “mother-in-law.” Seo In Guk responded by saying, “Mother-in-law, I’ll come by to meet you in person sometime in the near future.” Meanwhile, Jung Eun Ji couldn’t help but to keep laughing, watching the whole interaction happening.