JYJ and SM Entertainment Once Again Fail to Reach Agreement

JYJ and SM Entertainment‘s legal dispute has yet to come to an end.

The two parties involved failed to reach a conclusion once again discussing the exclusive contract as well as other issues regarding DBSK.

JYJ is currently prohibited from appearing on music programs and variety programs to promote their music even though the court ruled in their favor, rejecting SM Entertainment’s previously submitted injunctions, and deeming their claims of an exclusive contract, invalid.

The lawsuit with SM Entertainment has been going on since 2009 and the final ruling was to be made on September 13 but was postponed once again as the court asked of both parties to mediate.
On September 18, the court called SM Entertainment’s representative Kim Young Min and the opposing party’s lawyers to a mediation meeting. The arbitration wasn’t conclusive as both parties stood their ground and didn’t try to reach a favorable outcome.

The court chose to postpone the verdict indefinitely and urged both parties to try to reach an agreement.