DBSK Shows off Their Masculine Charm in “Vogue Korea” & Talks About Comeback

DBSK‘s new autumn pictorial, which is filled with their masculine charms, has been been released.

On September 20, “Vogue Korea” released a pictorial on DBSK, who is facing a come back with a new album. The photo shoot took place on a small island on the Han River where the two mega-stars looked fierce and handsome in their black suits. DBSK’s trademark charisma was clearly highlighted in the pictorial.

During the interview, Yunho talked about his thoughts on the upcoming album. He said, “I felt a lot of things as I was preparing for this album. I want to believe that the album will come to life as much as we’ve put our thoughts into it.”

Changmin also shared, “I think our homework is to retain our current style as well as find a wider point of contact with more people.”

DBSK’s upcoming new album “Catch Me” will be released on September 24 and will be available for offline sale on September 26. Also, starting in November, DBSK will go on the “TVXQ! Live World Tour – Catch Me” starting in Seoul, then China, Thailand and other Asian countries.