G-Dragon At A Party With Close Friends

The leader of Big Bang, G-Dragon took a picture with his friends at a party. Noticeable figures in the picture were fellow member Taeyang, model Lee Soo Hyuk and 2NE1’s CL.

On September 20, G-Dragon uploaded the picture on his twitter with a short comment “Crew! party!” The revealed picture shows the fun crew posing in front of the camera. G-Dragon’s hair especially stands out within the picture. He’s receiving attention for yet another fashionista move, dying his hair pastel colors in gradation.

Netizens who stumbled upon the picture posted various comments, “Taeyang’s hair resembles a bomb that blew up,” “CL has eyes on her hands,” “Soo Hyuk oppa, you’re too cool.”

In other news, G-Dragon released the music video for his newest song “Crayon.”

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Soompiers, do you like his hairstyle? What do you think is his best so far?