“Bridal Mask” Star Park Ki Woong Talks About Heads on SBS’s “GO Show”

KBS hit drama “Bridal Mask” star Park Ki Woong reveals he has a thing for beautifully shaped heads.

Recently, on SBS talk program “GO Show,” “Bridal Mask” star Park Ki Woong appeared as a guest. On the show, Park Ki Woong talked about his extreme preferences (or preferences that people might find too much). 

Park Ki Woong said: “Since I was young, if I see a beautifully shaped head, my mood becomes very good.” Park Ki Woong said that on the set of “Bridal Mask,” he first looked at the head shapes of all the female actresses which drew out surprised laughter from those on the show. Park Ki Woong also admitted he had already looked at the head shapes of MC Go Hyeon Jeong, gagwoman Lee Sung Mi, and singer Noh Sa Yeon which made them laugh again. 

The “GO Show” episode on which Park Ki Woong appears will be aired on September 21. Park Ki Woong will also talk about his ideal type.