Get Inside “Bridal Mask” Star Joo Won’s Brain: Travel, Food, Friends

KBS hit drama “Bridal Mask” star Joo Won personally drew a picture of the thoughts in his brain for newspaper “Sports Chosun.” 

In the forefront, Joo Won wrote “travel.” On traveling, Joo Won said: “Actually, after “Bridal Mask” ended, I planned to go on three trips, and I made a schedule to do so. On the first travel trip, I wanted to go to the outskirts with my father, mother, older brother, and older brother’s wife, and I wanted us to grill meat and play. On the second travel trip, I wanted to go somewhere with my high school friends. On the third travel trip, I wanted to go with my college friends. I told all my friends to make sure that September was free. But, then, I’m the one without any time to do it. So, I still haven’t been able to do any of the three trips.”

In the middle part, Joo Won wrote “delicious food” and “lounging about.” On food, Joo Won said: “These days, probably because of my schedule, I just eat meals, enough to keep full, and quickly. I would be happy if I could eat delicious food, slowly, and savoring it. [laughs]”

In the back, Joo Won wrote “house” and added a tiny thought for “sleep.” On what he does during his rest time, Joo Won said: “At a café in front of my house, I make small talk with my neighborhood friends. Even though these are friends that I meet all the time, when I’m with my friends, strangely, we keep having a lot of things to talk about. It’s weird. Those friend are also in the way of acting, so, we mainly share stories about acting.”