Kara’s Goo Hara’s Older Brother: “I Like Nicole the Best”

Goo Hara’s older brother is receiving attention for revealing that he’s a fan of Nicole.

On last week’s broadcast of MBC “God of Victory,” Kara and Secret appeared on the show. It’s been revealed that Goo Hara’s older brother made a surprise appearance surprising her and spilled tears of joy. He also showed that they really are related with his wit and natural ease on the variety show.

MC Kim Yong Man asked her older brother, “Who do you like the best out of the Kara members?” Although he seemed shy and a bit reluctant to answer, he finally commented, “I like Nicole the best,” causing much laughter at the recording.

The two girl groups also faced each other in a wrestling match. Kara’s Gyuri and Secret’s Zinger showed what they were made of, having their specific match go over 20 minutes. Goo Hara had to compete with Secret’s Jeon Hyo Sung. Her brother cheered, “My younger sister was more flexible than others since she was young.”

Part 2 of Secret and Kara’s guest appearance on “God of Victory” will be aired this September 23 at 5:05pm.