[Soompi Shop] NU’EST Signed CD + Exclusive Photos Package!

Soompi Shop is back with yet another signed CD package – this time it’s an autographed CD by Pledis Entertainment’s newest boy group, NU’EST!

For just $9.99 USD (excluding shipping), you can own an autographed copy of NU’EST’s “Action” CD and 5 individual photos of each member (These photos are unreleased, never-before-seen, exclusive photos)! The CD will include autographs by all 5 members of the group!

This exclusive deal is only offered for 12 days, starting from September 21 at 6PM KST. The deal closes on October 3 at 6PM KST, so hurry up and order your copy now!

One last note! Since this is a signed CD deal, all orders will be shipped out AFTER the deal is closed on October 3. That means all orders you place with this deal will ALSO be shipped after October 3. Please keep that in mind when you place your order!

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