Check out T-ara’s New Smartphone App on Android!

If you’re a “Queen” member, here’s a smartphone application that you don’t want to miss! T-ara has just recently released a smartphone application that gives you live updates on the group’s latest schedule, individual activities, group photos and videos, as well as the group’s member profiles.

The application was created by app maker Sun Shines and Core Contents Media after two months of design and production work, and is now available on the Google Play Android Market. The best part about this application is that it allows you to view photos in 3D – which means you can rotate, go behind the back, and get a full 360-degree experience through over 100 photos!

The application is expected to get upgraded in the coming months to enable real time communication with each T-ara member. The application costs $8.99 USD to download, but if you’re a true “Queen,” it should be worth the money!