KBS Music Bank – September 21, 2012

Today’s winner on Music Bank was non other than PSY‘s and his hit “Gangnam Style“! Congratulations on PSY’s success!

Tonight was not only U-KISS‘ and Mighty Mouth‘s comeback, but also the evening of debuts for many groups like 100%, Goddess and BOB4! Check out tonight’s performances below!

FT Island “I wish”

T-ara “Sexy love”

U-Kiss “Stop Girl”

Kara “Pandora”

BtoB “Wow”

Secret “Poison”

SPICA “I’ll be there”

Fiestar “Vista”

BOB4 “Youaholic”

Chaos “Kiss Kiss”

100% “intro” + “Bad Guy”

Monsterz “Hangover”

Goddess “Break-up party”

Evol “we are a bit diffrent”