FT Island Gets to No. 1 within a Week of “M! Countdown” Comeback

FT Island has notched a music program first-place win within a week of comeback. The band’s track “I Hope” topped the charts on Mnet’s “M! Countdown” on the Sept. 20 broadcast.

“I Hope” beat out “Sexy Love” by T-ara. The achievement came within 13 days of release of the track. As FT Island received the award, they said, “Thank you to all the fans. We will show you an even better image.”

“I Hope” is the title song of FT Island’s fourth full-length album “Five Treasure Box.” The song is characterized by an outstanding acoustic guitar and a trumpet arrangement that makes for an interesting combination in a pop song.

FT Island’s “Five Treasure Box” is composed of 10 tracks and is their first full-length album in three years.